Since the 1997 vintage we have seen a complete revival of Germany’s fortunes as a producer of world-class wine.

Led by the aristocratic Riesling variety and a growing band of first class producers, the country finally seems to be enjoying the recognition it truly deserves. It is a fact that, without exception, the British journalists, sommeliers and trade buyers are some of Riesling’s most loyal and persistent customers, clamouring for wine from the likes of JJ Prum, Fritz Haag, Donnhoff, Keller and Carl von Schubert. This most noble of wines is not only utterly delicious, but in today's modern, fast-moving world of over consumption, these delicate Rieslings are refreshing and light, 'weighing in' at anything between 7.5% to 11.5% alcohol – a great antidote to the more recent trend of overly full-bodied, alcoholic wines. The variety is also greater than ever.

Bendikt Baltes, Spätburgunder Buntsandstein, Blanc de noir, 2017


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