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Kitchen Hours

A La Carte Menu


Tuesday: 1pm - 9pm

Wednesday: 1pm - 9pm

Thursday: 1pm - 9pm

Friday: 1pm - 10pm

Saturday: 1pm - 10pm

Sunday: 1pm - 4.30pm 

The Ardoa Philosophy

To good food & wine

We serve only the freshest ingredients, we believe in sustainable products and where possible we buy local.

Everything we deliver is real and organic. We cut no corners!


Our head chef Idoia Guzman curates a new menu every month based on this philosophy.

All of our plates are inspired by traditional Basque cuisine done the Ardoa way.
Food is served as soon as it's ready, so you're always eating while it's hot and fresh.

Every plate is designed to share at the table, because all the best things in life should be shared with the ones you love; whether it's good food, great wine or happy memories.

Our passion is fresh quality food, paired with delicious wine. In our wine library you'll find bottles of vino that you won't typically find in a super market - that's not our vibe.

We want to showcase and bring you the best wine possible, that isn't produced in mass quantitates. Our wine list is curated by owner of Ardoa and our chief wine guru Keith Lyon.

Most of our locals will attest that under Keith's watch they've never had a bad drop of wine.

Feel free to test him, tell him what you love; the flavour you're craving and you'll be rewarded with something completely out of this world.

So if you like fresh flavour-filled food, paired with quality drops of wine.
Consider yourself part of the Ardoa tribe.

You're welcome at our table anytime.